Interesting facts about Khussa shoes!

Khussa shoes became popular as soon as the natives in South Asia started wearing it. The earliest form of khussa shoe was worn in wood sandal. Later, jewelled and embellished khussa sandals were worn by the kings and Sultans of the Mughal time. Now, it has developed into urban fashion footwear that women especially love to match with their ethnic and festive attires. Khussas speak royalty and grandeur and are an exquisite touch to complete your bridal look.

A typical and traditional khussa is generally made by artisans. It is mostly made of vegetable-tanned leather while the uppers are made of fabric embroidered with shells, mirrors, gems and stones. Some khussa shoes are only embroidered with fine thread while others are embroidered with zari thread. The khussa making process includes the curing of leather first then it is cut and stitched by hand. The embellishments can be extremely complex but the fine finish makes it stunning to look at and comfortable to wear. Women’s khussas are customarily without heels and are totally flat.


Difference between men’s and women’s khussa

A distinctive character of khussa for men’s shoe is that it has a blunt and expanded edge. The khussa for women is shorter and one variation is that the upper curve is wider. Another variation is that the upper curve is low with more foot protect. Evolving fashion trends have produced khussa slippers and even short heel slippers.

Women’s khussa shoes are available in various colours and designs. The soft leather crafting makes it a comfortable wear. Ladies Khussa shoes have intricate embroidery works made with beads and sequins.


Scope for customization

Khussa shoes can be endorsed for customization. In old times, khussa was traditionally embroidered with silver or gold threads and decorated with gems and stones. To make khussa suitable for every era’s trend and upcoming fashion, it has developed and rendered a lot of alternations hand to hand.

Khussas symbolize our diverse cultures and ancestry. They are enduring iconic footwear which has always been a feature of our fashion world and will continue to be so with their adored endorsement.