Tattoo Style Transformation

 Tattoo Style Transformation from Ancient Times To Now

Tattoos have been a part of the global culture since a very long time and they keep evolving as the decades pass by. But when did tattoos come into existence? Let’s take a look at the history and evolution of tattoos and how they have become a huge part of different cultures all over the world. 

The Beginning of Tattoos

We can only estimate the time when tattoos came into being as there’s no exact year that can be deduced from the findings made by archaeologists. Through the evidence found, it’s assumed that the concept of tattoos started somewhere between 3370 BC and 3100 BC. This assumption was made when historians found tattoos on the skin of mummies. 

There have been countless similar discoveries that show that tattooing was a common concept in ancient civilizations. Various mummified bodies have been examined to verify this. While the styles of the tattoos mainly depended on the culture they were from, they have progressed much more in recent times. 

Transformation Of Tattoo Styles

Earlier on, it is to be noted that the tattoo styles were primarily lines, dots and different patterns that showed that a person belonged to a particular tribe. These have changed now as tattoos are more linked to a person’s style rather than portraying the culture of the country they reside in. Let’s look at how tattoo styles have changed over the last century. 

In the start of the 1900s, tattoos were relatively less common. People working in the military, sailors, or convicts would generally have a particular kind of tattoo on their body. This would be a type of symbol that would give people that they contact with a sense of who they are. 

The style of tattoos changed more during the middle of the 1900s era. During the years of 1940 till 1960, tattoos became slightly more common as you could see people supporting some ink on their bodies. However, it was more common in men rather than women. This was mostly because tattoos were used as a way to express their patriotism and respect for their country and the armed forces. It was easier for men to get the tattoos as it was much more acceptable by the communities and it was believed to be a way to honour their services during the war. People would get similar, small tattoos that would be representative of something. 

After the 1960s, tattoos have been relatively more common and acceptable by many different cultures. Not only can men easily get tattoos, but nowadays women can also easily get tattoos whenever they want. There’s no restriction to the different types of design that you can get. 

Tattoos of Today

Getting tattoos is a common practice for people these days. You can see people of all ages sporting beautiful tattoos on their body. With the increase in tattoo parlours all across the world, there are abundant styles available for you to pick and choose from. From a set of date to something extremely imaginative, you can get whatever you wish for tattooed on your body!