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Hello Everyone!

To-day I am going to tell you about the fascinating and exciting details of a very beautiful Asian Style Wedding

This absolutely spell binding celebration takes place over a three or four day period. This is exactly the type of recognition that is required to usher you the ‘Bride to be’ from life as a single girl to spend the rest of your adult life as a newly married woman. You leave behind the cradling, nurturing and security of your loving parents who have given you the gift of life, to crawl and then walk on this earth and proudly present yourself to the world as an independent woman with so much to offer.

You have finally found the perfect person for you and very shortly both your families and close friends will witness you becoming Husband and Wife. If you have found that very special person and you are looking for something different to mark this perfect unity in your life, let us take you on that special journey and provide you with an Asian Style Wedding. A Wedding with a difference, that’s exactly what we recommend for you.

If you wish, the complete celebrations for this magical event can take place in the privacy and comfort of your own home, especially decorated in the traditional hues and colours for you, or you can select the many colours of the rainbow yourself to enhance your special event. We will decorate it for you with fresh flowers of your choosing, especially selected voiles, appropriate soft lighting, gentle background music enhanced with specially selected candles, oils and incense.

We are also delighted to be able to offer you a fantastic banquet of Eastern Cuisine carefully selected and of your choosing

You can already pre-empt the warmth and excitement of this your special celebration. You dream of feeling those tingling sensations of expectation, the excitement, the aura, that magical intensity and the good will bestowed on you both by your delightful guests for your future together.


For more information please Contact us aout you Dream day