6 ways to soften your Asian Khussa shoes!

It can take a while to adjust to your new Khussa shoes and make them feel good old. But instead of running the risk of rubbing or blisters, you can try our 6 effective tips for softening your beautiful leather-made khussa slippers.

1. Save them for special occasions

It must be hard to resist the temptation to show off your newly purchased khussa shoes. But remember, your feet will feel more comfortable if you give time for it to accommodate and get used to the feel of the leather. Apart from traditional and wedding festivities, don’t wear it for all parties and outdoor outings.

2. Use a spoon

You can take a big wooden or metal spoon to gently lever or lower the areas of your shoes that feel too tight. Heels are a common area that can cause rubbing so a spoon is the perfect shape to facilitate a good stretch.

3. Using crumpled newspaper

This is an age old method for making leather shoes softer. Dig out those old newspapers and magazines from your home shelves and dampen them very slightly. Then crumble up the pages and pack them inside your striking khussa shoes. Wait till they are totally dry before removing them. Just be cautious not to over-dampen the papers to avoid damage of inner soles.

4. Application of hairdryer

It may sound weird that a hairdryer can be necessary to soften your shoes. But it works! Focus on any area that feels too tight or uncomfortable and give it a 20 second blast of heat. This heat can help to stretch without causing any damage. Keep the khussa shoes on until the leather feels cool to the touch. And, thus they will stay stretched and fitted to the contours of your feet.

5. Use of shoe stretchers

In case you do not have one, you can buy shoe stretchers and can keep them inside your khussa pair for as long as possible. This will gently do the stretching over time. Keeping overnight is ideal in fact.

6. Stretching spray

All leather shoes and boots soften over time. But alcohol-based shoe sprayers, if sprayed, can quicken the process. It also prevents the development of water marks while drying. You can spray your khussa shoes and then insert your feet.

Khussa shoes are normally comfortable and feel-good footwear. But being made up of leather and textile, these accessories may lack the comfort you are expecting. Try out these methods for definite softening!