Throwback to the history behind jhumka earrings!

You must love to pair those exquisite and elegant pair of jhumkas! But have you ever been curious about how these came into the market? If not, then also this thought must have by now made you interested about it.

Earrings for women are more than just a piece of jewellery. It has to be beautiful and has to match with her outfit as well. Jhumkas have been in the limelight since ancient times and are still trending due to their uniqueness and charisma.

Meaning of it

When it comes to the term “jhumki”, it actually means bell-shaped earrings. This used to be a traditional favourite in India and now popular in the foreign due to their style impact. The combination of various designs along with a wide range of decorative items makes them a royal and stunning earpiece. The jingle of these classic earrings is loved by all and these go perfectly well with ethnic outfits.

Why it was called “jhumki”?

The term “jhumki” had been popularized in previous times due to the priceless beauty it showcased. Even in these urban times, this accessory has kept its charm alive across cultures and traditions.

Diamond Jhumka earrings are light-weight and are worn frequently by women living in villages. It gives them the comfort needed to carry the earrings for a longer period of time.

Source of origination

This beautiful pair of earring was first used as a part of Bharatanatyam jewellery set. It was used for Bharatanatyam dance form exclusively. Slowly it became a trend-setter to be adopted around the world and also saw an outstanding shift in designs with the combination of east and west cultures.

On your wedding day, you can flaunt a single pair of Gold Jhumka earrings and turn all heads around you. Be it platinum jhumka earrings or thread embroidery jhumkas, these traditional earrings have become a famed urban accessory. From big ones to lightweight ones, these elegant earrings can heighten the visual charm of your ethnic get-up threefold.

The exclusiveness and uniqueness has made it one of the lime lights among Asian originated jewelleries. Apart from making your entrance to weddings jaw-dropping, you can absolutely choose them for any event. Matching perfectly with any of your fashion wear, these can make you look royal and beautiful on your special day!