All You Need To Know About The Art Of Henna


History isn’t clear about the origin of Henna. Some believe that it originated in ancient India while others believe that Egyptians were the first to use it. The term Henna comes from the Arabic word ‘Henna’. Henna is the name of the tree from which this amazing dye is extracted. It is also believed that Cleopatra used Henna for decorative purposes and that Henna was applied on mummies in ancient Egypt. The Arabic name and ancient Egyptian culture suggest that Egyptians were the first one to use Henna. However these days Henna is excessively used in countries like India, Sri Lanka Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries in the Sub-Continent.

Tradition Of Henna

Henna has been traditionally used as a hair dye, body tattoos and for other medicinal purposes. It was used to heal damaged skin and wounds. It was known to show very little side effects and was heavily used for cosmetic purposes.

Current Fashion Style For Henna

The current Henna trends are heavily influenced by old traditions of Henna from different parts of the world. It is still used as a hair dye in many part of the world. With the advent of modern medication the use of Henna in medication has reduced drastically. However the Henna dye is still used for cosmetic purposes. Modern cosmetic companies all over the world tend to use Henna dye in their products.

In the current era, henna is most commonly used for temporary tattoos. India and Pakistan top the list for countries that love to use Henna art tattoos. These tattoos are worn on special occasions like marriages, festivals and other significant events. It can be applied on hands, arms, feet and even legs. Over the years tattoo artists have come up with amazing designs.

There are different designs for different people. Brides tend to wear a more detailed and heavy henna tattoo where as other attendees tend wear relatively lighter henna tattoos. There is no limitation. Some designs are done on both sides of the hands. There are also certain henna tattoo art designs where when you join your arms you get an even bigger and more amazing design. There are so many unique designs out there that it is impossible to talk about them. Commonly people tend to make unique designs, flowers, religious symbols or simple dotted designs on their hands.

Where Can You Get The Best Henna Tattoo Services

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We know that it takes time for the Henna to dry. This causes a lot of problems when you get the henna done at the parlor. You can’t drive back home unless you have someone else driver for you. We care for our clients which is why we also offer home services as well. All you need to do is select a design and we will visit your home and get the design done as perfectly as we can.