Indoor Vs. Outdoor Mehendi Event – Where Your Decorations Will Shine?

There are two things that people always remember about the wedding: the decorations and the food. Both have to be amazing to make your wedding memorable for guests. When it comes to decorations it can be hard to decide whether the event should be indoor or outdoor. 

This is because the lighting will impact the way your decorations look and so you need to make the best decision. Many people have different preferences for a Mehendi event. 

Let’s explore both options and see where such decorations would shine.

Indoor Mehendi Event 

You will need a big space to have a Mehendi event. It is an event that involves music, dancing, laughter, and so you need to have enough space for it. You will have more control over the decorations when it is indoors as you will not have to worry about the weather ruining decorations. 

Mehendi events require decorations such as gajras, Mehendi plates, ganas, and many other things that may get ruined because of the weather. So an indoor event can be an ideal choice for your decorations. 

Here are some pros and cons of an indoor Mehendi event:


  • No worrying about unpredictable weather
  • Many designs and décor options with the walls and ceilings everywhere
  • More intimate as no external distractions
  • Suitable for events all year


  • Possible décor restrictions
  • Cost may be higher depending on the venue
  • Space constraints

Outdoor Mehendi Event 

Have you dreamed of a garden Mehendi event with flowers and nature everywhere around you? Well, if you have then an outdoor Mehendi event may just be the perfect choice for you. 

Do remember that you can’t control the weather. However, the decorations in an outdoor venue can be beautiful. Mehendi events are all about flowers and dancing. So, doing it outdoors will give your guests the freedom to move freely and the flowers will shine even more outside. 

Here are some pros and cons of an outdoor Mehendi event:


  • Beautiful scenery and view
  • Natural lighting
  • Easier to move around
  • Simple decorations can be utilized to bring out the natural beauty of the venue


  • You will need a bad weather backup plan
  • There may be bugs or critters on the lawn
  • Not ideal for hot weather

Final Verdict – Which Is The Better Option For Your Mehendi Event?

The answer to this completely depends on what you want. The decorations will shine beautifully both indoors and outdoors. However, what you choose depends on your budget and your preferences. 

Many people prefer having an outdoor Mehendi event as the guests can dance and move freely and that is what the event is all about. However, some people prefer an indoor venue as they want air conditioning. 

Regardless of the venue, we can provide you with amazing Mehendi decorations that will fit within your budget and take your event to the next level. 

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