Top 5 henna tattoo design ideas for you

If you wish to show off your hand’s artistic charisma on a wedding occasion or any other celebration, henna tattoos can be your thing. Available in tinges of red, orange, brown and other dark colours, this plant-based natural tattoo is a wonderful substitute for chemical or artificial liquid materials. If you are on the lookout for impressive henna tattoos, here are some striking henna tattoo design ideas for you!

  • Henna flower tattoo

A floral art style when created through henna and inked on your palms will look beautiful. Besides highlighting your feminine grace, flowers and leaves also associate our closeness to nature. Particularly apt for wedding festivities, floral and leafy designs look enchanting when mixed with butterflies, birds and other natural elements.

  • Sun henna tattoo

The sun along with other celestial bodies like the moon and stars are a popular henna tattoo design. Many prefer the sun’s portrayal as a part of ancient traditions. But even if you are not so much a believer in old rituals, you can try it out for fun. An elegant sun henna tattoo will become more prominent when matched with a classic moon tattoo.

  • Henna tattoo for wrist

A floral or plant designed henna tattoo on your wrists looks as ethnic as bracelet ornamentation. To adorn your wrist magnificently, you can opt for the currently trending mandala lotus. Associated with divinity and purity, this tattoo will highlight your wrist in a charming and decorative style.

  • Henna sleeve tattoo

If you are over the full sleeves style and prefer to keep your arms bare, you can vouch for a henna sleeve tattoo. In place of your sleeves, exquisite designs and patterns will make your get-up bold and fashionable.

  • Cute henna tattoos

As possible with regular tattoos, henna tattoos can be of any chosen design. Instead of going for a traditional or intricate one, you can simply select a playful and cute design. Unicorns, cartoon characters, animals and other childish designs may suit your ‘young at heart’ personality.

The permanency of a usual tattoo may freak you out. But to flaunt them for a short while and dazzle the eyes of spectators, henna tattoos are the most artsy choice. The ones we picked out along with other ethnic henna tattoo designs are sure to increase the splendour of your skin and make your looks and attire phenomenal!